Thursday, 3 September 2015

Makandiwa Attacked Paired With Diesel False Prophet.

Political Commentator Alex Magiasa has blasted the media particularly the Sunday Mail for covering the Harare preacher Emmanuel Makandiwa’s prophecy that there would be oil reserves in Zimbabwe saying the media must not have stooped so low by publishing the story.
“Prophet Makandiwa prophesies oil reserves in Zim’ screams The Sunday Mail,” Magaisa said.
Makandiwa Attacked Paired With Diesel False Prophet.
“Just how did we end up on this road, maCdes, the Rotina Mavhunga Road. We know we are desperate and things are dire, but this? In other countries, they have scientists and engineers, we have these guys called prophets, and national newspapers granting them acres of space almost every day. And when the masses cheer to these announcements, what exactly does this say about us as a people”

“You see, people are quick to blame colonialsm for our woes, but maCdes, on this evidence, ignorance and sheer idiocy must rank high on the scale, and these are not words that I use lightly. I’m disappointed, completely,” he added.

Magaisa said “while we are at it, what happened to the gold that was supposed to fall like rain in Zimbabwe a couple of years ago? That was the prophecy, no? Zimbabwe has huge coal and gas reserves. It is possible that there are oil desposits somewhere underneath its belly. That Zimbabwe may have oil deposits is a possibility not requiring any prophecy. Science can and will prove that, if that is the case. But a prophecy, surely? Come on, maCdes, we are better than this as a nation!”

“And we still say Zimbabwe is the most literate country in Africa? On this evidence, literacy must be overrated. How do serious papers cover this as serious news, seriously?” he added.

“It’s looking like the Rotina Mavhunga Road is not just a road but a crescent – the Rotina Mavhunga Crescent.” – Bulawayo24 News

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