Friday, 17 April 2015

Man catches 'cheating girlfriend' in bed with another man and films the whole thing.

The man is determined to catch his partner in the act after being tipped off about the supposed affair by her roommate. A suspecting boyfriend filmed the moment he caught his partner apparently in bed with another man after a tip-off from her roommate.

In the footage, the woman's angry boyfriend is seen walking up a set of stairs in an apartment building.
Man catches 'cheating girlfriend' in bed with another man and films the whole thing.
He explains he has been tipped off by his girlfriend's roommate that she had brought home another man after a night out.

Determined to catch them both red-handed, the boyfriend marches into the woman's bedroom and sure enough, he finds the pair asleep together in bed.

But despite witnessing his dramatic entrance, the woman seems unconcerned that she has been caught out and barely moves as her boyfriend launches into a rant.
Caught red-handed: This woman doesn't seem to mind that her boyfriend has just walked in on her with another man.
Both the girlfriend and the mystery man lie still in the bed, before the woman eventually puts her hands over her eyes without saying a word.

Turning to the man in his girlfriend's bed, the angry partner asks: "Did you know she had a boyfriend?"

But unbelievably, the man shrugs off his question and maintains his position in the bed, with his arm around the woman.

The jaw-dropping clip was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop on April 13 and has clocked up a massive two million views in just three days.

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